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Tarpon View

A Thrilling Experience Feeding Tarpon on La Isla Cariñosa

About Us

tarpon feeding deck in caye caulker

Tarpon View Reserve has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Caye Caulker as more and more tourists flock to the area to marvel at hundreds of live, juvenile tarpons in their natural habitat. 

The tarpons in this area were discovered floundering in the shallow waters near the mangrove about 14 years ago. Soon, an intricate underwater cave system that drops about 90 feet below its entrance was found to be the origin of the large tarpons frequenting the area.  

What makes the reserve even more captivating is that the tarpons are known to perform a spectacular show whenever visitors feed them, by leaping out of the water to snatch their snack straight from your hand. 

The tradition is continued today by sisters Elsy and Lilia Marin who welcome visitors worldwide who come to marvel at the spectacle and offer these magnificent creatures a snack. 

For just $5BZD, you can visit the dock and hand-feed these powerful fish while enjoying a breath-taking Caye Caulker sunset. 

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About Tarpons

the silver kings

Tarpons are usually referred to as “Silver Kings” because of the glistening scales all over their body. They have a lifespan of up to 50 years and can weigh over 200 lbs. They typically feed on small baitfish like sardines or mullets, as well as shrimp and some crustaceans.  

When they are in a habitat that doesn’t provide enough oxygen, they are sometimes seen coming to the surface to gulp for air. Tarpons are toothless and they swallow their prey whole. Their mouth is mostly hard, boney and rough like sandpaper.  

Tarpons can survive in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. They’re usually found inshore in warm parts of the Atlantic, on the Pacific side of Central America, and sometimes in rivers. 

They are primarily caught for sport. Tarpon fishing is regulated countrywide and only catch-and-release fishing is allowed.  


How to Feed a Tarpon 

  • Get Close

    Once you’ve got your bait, the next step is to get close enough to the water to feed the tarpon. Most people kneel near the edge of the dock and carefully lean over with their hand outstretched.

  • Hold the Bait

    Holding the bait is quite easy, just hold the tip of the fish’s tail between your fingers and dangle it about a foot above the water’s surface. Watch as the tarpon rises up from the water in a powerful flash of silver to meet the fish as it leaves your hand.

  • Capture the Moment

    Be sure to have your camera in slow-motion mode to capture the moment the tarpon leaps out of the water to snatch the bait right out of your hand!


"Fun for kids and adults!! Tarpons are HUGE fish but aren't dangerous. We fed them and they will actually jump several feet. Definitely worth a quick visit while on Caye Caulker! Lots of pelicans come by as well :)"
Tianna Rothwell
"A thrilling experience! Just ask anyone to point you in the direction of Tarpon View. You'll buy bait (sardines) from the sweet ladies there for $5 BZ to feed the tarpons. Have your camera ready!"
Sabrina LaBord
“A nice attraction hidden in an intimate location where feeding the tarpons only costs BZ$5. You get some sardines and the fish jump up and eat them. Locals and visitors alike enjoy this activity.”
Elijah Shoaf
“Definitely had a blast here 🇧🇿💎 Looking for a great highlight in your Caye experience then visit the dock for a thrill 👌”
LavishLife Music

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