About Tarpons

Tarpons are usually referred to as “Silver Kings” because of the glistening scales all over their bodies. They have a lifespan of up to 50 years and can weigh over 200 lbs. They typically feed on small baitfish like sardines or mullets, as well as shrimp and some crustaceans.  

When they are in a habitat that doesn’t provide enough oxygen, they are sometimes seen coming to the surface to gulp for air. Tarpons are toothless and they swallow their prey whole. Their mouth is mostly hard, boney, and rough like sandpaper.  

Tarpons can survive in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. They’re usually found inshore in warm parts of the Atlantic, on the Pacific side of Central America, and sometimes in rivers. 

They are primarily caught for sport. Tarpon fishing is regulated countrywide and only catch-and-release tarpon fishing is allowed in Belize.  






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